Managed Cybersecurity Services For West Michigan Businesses:

Is Your IT Services Company Failing To Help You Achieve Regulatory Compliance and Minimize Your Cyber Risk?

We offer fast, friendly, and highly responsive managed cybersecurity services to small and medium businesses. Unleash Watchdog Cyber today and protect your business from the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks. 



Your IT Company Is Failing To Protect You From Ransomware

6 Benefits to Partnering with Watchdog Cyber to Protect Your Data and Computer Network

Safeguard Your Data

Protect Your Reputation

Meet Compliance Standards

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Keep Your Team Safe

Gain Peace of Mind

Your business data may be at greater risk than you think.

Cybercrimes are becoming more sophisticated and are increasingly difficult to stop. To beat hackers at their own game, partner with Watchdog Cyber, the best cybersecurity experts for your business.

Our Services

Delivering Peace of Mind through Exceptional Cybersecurity Services

“I highly recommend Watchdog Cyber for their exceptional services. The staff is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with, making the entire experience enjoyable. The onboarding process was incredibly easy, even with multiple locations and remote workers. Watchdog Cyber demonstrated great flexibility in scheduling onsite visits, ensuring that all our computers were included. The biggest benefit we've received is the peace of mind that comes from knowing our company's cybersecurity is in capable hands.”

Samantha Scott CEO
Mental Health Services

Safeguarding Your Network: Watchdog Cyber’s Expertise

“Watchdog Cyber has been instrumental in identifying and cleaning up our network security issues. Aaron was pivotal in resolving ongoing firewall issues. He optimized our firewall configurations for several of our locations, this has significantly enhanced our overall security posture. Their Co-managed IT approach has allowed us to allocate our resources towards our core objectives without the constant worry of being hacked. We are grateful for their expertise and the peace of mind they provide.”

Scott Hutchison Director of Technology

About Watchdog Cyber

Cybersecurity is a growing area of concern for many small, midsize, and enterprise businesses.

Many IT providers and departments are grappling with how to handle it. As more widespread and damaging attacks make the daily news, companies are turning to experts, like Watchdog Cyber, for cybersecurity services and support, such as security operations centers (SOC), dark web monitoring, and more.

The landscape of cybersecurity is changing daily. Attackers get more sophisticated with each passing moment, so cybersecurity practices can’t hold still. Don’t worry; Watchdog Cyber keeps tabs on those changes. You’ll benefit through our continual product updates and resources which keeps your protection up to date.