Looking for a custom security solution?

Watchdog Cyber can provide you with an expert level resource to manage your security strategy, budget, risks and regulatory programs.

Watchdog Cyber is a partner that can create a stable security environment through planning, policy review, and threat assessment. 

Security Consulting helps you achieve:

Keeping pace with evolving risks: Our security experts ensure your data is secure by filling crucial gaps in your security and providing real-world, threat-driven insights.

Security guidance at a fraction of the cost: Get the expert advice, assessments and recommendations to make sound and secure decisions about your IT at a fraction of the cost that a full-time security expert would cost.

Investing Smarter in Security: Our experts work with you to determine what level of investment makes sense for your business and your strategy. Good security doesn’t have to mean going broke!

Security beyond the technical: You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you are doing everything necessary to protect your business by implementing a security strategy that truly protects your business and improves threat detection.


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