Dan Heimler

Dan Heimler is the Co-Founder and CEO of Watchdog Cyber and a seasoned professional with a remarkable 27-year career in the office technology industry. Starting out in sales for a copier company, Dan quickly developed his business acumen by helping businesses streamline processes and identify areas that can improve productivity. As he moved into leadership positions he became a highly skilled leadership coach, he guided numerous individuals and teams towards achieving their full potential. Dan's expertise in this field is further accentuated by his coaching certification from the renowned John Maxwell, where he had the privilege of meeting the leadership guru in person.

Throughout his career, Dan has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities by leading sales teams to surpass sales quotas year after year. His impressive track record extends across various global companies, where he has cultivated a client-centric approach. Viewing clients as partners, Dan firmly believes in building strong relationships and fostering a deep understanding of their pain points and industry. It is through meaningful conversations with prospects that he has achieved remarkable success.

Dan possesses an unwavering passion for cybersecurity and takes immense pride in helping businesses protect themselves against cyber and ransomware attacks. His dedication to this cause is evident in his commitment to helping companies navigate the intricacies of compliance and fortify their information security defenses. As a former electronics technician in the U.S. Navy, Dan's technical acumen is a priceless asset that fuels his relentless pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity. His profound insights and unwavering resolve equip him to stay one step ahead, ensuring that businesses remain fortified against the relentless threats that loom in the digital landscape.

Residing in Spring Lake, Michigan, Dan is known for his exceptional talent in forging business opportunities through authentic relationships. His unwavering commitment to integrity, consistency, and perseverance fuel his actions, placing honesty and ethical practices at the forefront. These formidable traits enable him to effortlessly navigate the dynamic business landscape, earning him the esteemed title of a respected leader in his community. With a wealth of experience, remarkable leadership skills, and an unwavering passion for cybersecurity, Dan Heimler consistently delivers profound positive impacts on individuals, teams, and businesses alike.